Prime Building Lots!

If you're looking to build your dream home, here are a few great building sites in the Treasure Valley! Here are several properties which sit on the beautiful Snake River or have gorgeous views of the Treasure Valley countryside! If you are looking for a certain location or features for your building site, we can create a custom search to notify you of any new properties that hit the market! ...Looking out for your next move! (tm).

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Wants vs Needs

Here are some important things to consider when shopping for your next home.

Commercial Property in Kuna, ID

1.34 acre property with 2 parcels. Street frontage on Avalon & Owyhee!

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Stock Market vs. Real Estate

Invest in Idaho Real Estate 

A lot of investors are seeking shelter for their recent losses in the stock market. You know what they say; "Buy low, sell high!" So, let's think about that for a moment... Real Estate prices are at an extreme low right now; with foreclosures and short sales on the rise every day, there are more deals out there than you can shake a stick at!

Let's take a look at a quick comparison of investing in securities vs. real estate:


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Finding the Perfect Home

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase that an individual will make in their lifetime. It stands to reason that it should also be the most carefully planned and detailed purchase as well. Rushing into a home purchase can lead to bad decisions and ending up with a home that does not suit your long term needs. In your planning for a new home purchase here are some good things to remember that will make the process of finding that perfect home easier.

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The Advantages of Owning A Condo

In this day of high real estate value, the ownership of a condo has become one of the more intelligent property purchases. This in combination with the inherent advantages of condo ownership have created a huge demand for condominiums. This, in turn has caused developers to offer more and more in their new projects and has created excellent value for owners and those considering the purchase of a unit. When considering the purchase of a condo unit here are some advantages to think about.

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Tips on the home buying process

The process of buying a home can be a time consuming and emotional undertaking. With the enormous number of homes available on any given real estate market, it can be a difficult process to best gauge the home that is suited to your needs. In an attempt to simplify the process, here are some good things to remember when considering the purchase of a new home.

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Things To Think About When Purchasing A Home

In purchasing a home there are some pretty hefty factors that need to be considered. Buying a home is likely the largest single purchase an individual will make in their lives and as such needs to be carefully planned. Any list of concerns can be loosely divided into two categories, that is, the neighborhood, and the home itself. Let us first consider the neighborhood.

Perhaps you have an ideal neighborhood in mind already. One that features the home style you love, has great access to amenities and seems to fit all your needs. If so, GREAT! If not, there are some things you need to consider. Proximity to schools and work is a good thing to start with. What kind of commute will you have to work, or to take the kids to school? In considering this, take a look at the public schools in the area. How do they rate? Or maybe there are some top notch private schools that would better suit your children's needs? Other aspects of the neighborhood such as the availability of medical care and public transportation are also important.

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Finding Your Ideal Home

The purchase of a home is a exciting time in anyone's life, especially if it is your first home. Naturally you want to find the best home that suits all of your needs, and your budget. This is a purchase that requires planning on every aspect. The last thing you ever want to do is impulse buy a home, only to find out later that there are problems with the home or that it does not suit your needs.

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The Role of a Buyer's Agent

The Buyers Agent is a role that has become increasingly more significant in recent years. This is for many reasons, but perhaps the most important of these is that home buyers have come to realize the necessity of having a professional to see to their specific needs in the purchase of a home or property.

Historically speaking, the process of a home purchase was simply handled by the listing agent. This is, the agent who is actually selling the home. However, this presents a clear case of conflict of interest to the buyer as the listing agent's main responsibility both financial and otherwise lies with their client, the seller. Keep in mind that this is not to say that the listing agent is not capable of handling both concerns, simply that the home buyer's interests are better served by an independent agent.

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Top 7 Tips for Buying New Construction Homes

New home communities are more popular than ever! With good reason - new home builders are using popular, open floor-plans, including appliances, sod, and blinds, and helping make it easier than ever to get into a new home with little or no money. New home transactions typically seem a lot easier, as well. If a buyer chose to, they could get through a new home transaction without contacting anyone except the on-site sales agent! However, this would open you up to HUGE losses. Take these simple steps to protect yourself in a new home transaction, and to ensure that yours is a success.

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