Should I take my Home off the Market During The Holidays?

Many sellers think about taking their home off the market during the holidays. This may be the best time of year to find a serious, qualified buyer who may be in town visiting family for the holidays. This article spells out some good advice for sellers during this time of year.  When you are thinking of buying a home, think of Idaho Real Estate!  Call Don Wixom for quality service throughout the year!

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Boise Idaho Real Estate Market Snapshot:

Housing Trends in the Boise Real Estate Market:

Let's take a look at the recent activity from our Intermountain MLS Data for Idaho real estate activity in the Boise, Idaho area:

Boise Idaho Real Estate
Boise Capitol

The following chart shows activity comparisons of number of homes sold in any given month from 2004 through October of 2009 in the Boise Valley. 2005 was obviously the peak year for Idaho Real Estate as well as for real estate across the country. 

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The Headline Effect

The gist of this article written by Will Dylan at is that when the market starts to make people nervous, they turn to the most trusted real estate agents in the business. This is a time when professionalism and expertise really counts the most.

~ Don

Have you seen the headlines lateley? ran this headline in late August - "On Housing Front, It's Beginning to Get Ugly". followed with this one in early September - "Sharpest Home Price Pullback since 1975".

In business, there's a saying - "perception is reality". That means reality isn't looking so good right now from your client's perspective.

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