Sometimes people are hesitant to put their home on the market because they don't want to use the time and money they think it will require to be "show ready."  

In reality, there are a few small things that can be replaced/repaired to give the home a huge boost in appeal!


Here are 4 more little things you can do to make your home feel more crisp and clean:

  1. Replace the switch plates: For around $1 each, you can replace the old, damaged switch/outlet plates to help the home look shiny and new.
  2. New toilet seats: If your toilet seats and stained or faded, it doesn't cost much to run down to your local hardware store and make those bathrooms look nice and clean with new toilet seats!
  3. Update your thermostat: Get a new, fancy digital thermostat!  This is the one thing that costs a little more.  But, usually, there is only one! Buyers know these are more accurate and they make the home more up to date and appealing.
  4. Buy new knobs and locks: If you don't want to replace them all, just replace the front door.  A shiny new doorknob makes a nice first impression.

These little things will cost you less than $200 total and the appeal they will add is much more valuable!

If you want to take the next step, here's a quick video to show you some more simple things that can be done!