Idaho Real Estate

Idaho Real Estate

Real Estate itself, is the most basic ownership of your piece of the world. Land ownership in the United states, consists of the property from your boundaries on the surface of the Earth all the way to the center of the Earth.  In early America, settlers, engineers and surveyors set out across this vast country to establish the US Geological Survey to be able to describe real estate or real property by "meets and bounds" descriptions.

Without giving you the full lesson on geological surveys, Idaho Real Estate legal descriptions are based on the Boise-Meridian which runs from a specific point (The Initial Point) located near Kuna, Idaho.  If you have ever read a true "meets and bounds" legal description for Idaho Real Estate, it will typically end with "...of the Boise-Meridian" or "BM".  Thus the name of the city of "Meridian" because it lands on this geological meridian line.

Idaho Real Estate Marker
Initial Point of Idaho

There are almost 54 million acres of land in Idaho. How do you know what land is yours?

How do you know your fence is in the right place? In order for everyone to agree on the imaginary lines of what we own and don't own, we all have to measure from  the same point. In Idaho, that first point of measurement is called the "Initial Point" and can be found in the desert a few miles southeast of Kuna. In 1867 Peter W Bell identified this initial point to measure all of Idaho's real property.  The first line he laid out was called the Boise-Meridian. This imaginary line runs the length of the state; from Nevada on the south to British Columbia on the North.  When a town sprang up along this line, they appropriately called it "Meridian", a great place to own a home in Idaho!

Idaho offers some great real estate for sale; a state that has 4 real seasons without the extreme of any one of them. Idaho real estate is relatively affordable as compared the rest of the country.  You can buy or sell vacant land or property with an "attached" home or structure on it, which as described, becomes "real property" as well. Land has several uses outlined by cities and counties planning and zoning guidelines.

Zoning laws or regulations are determined by either the city or the county in which the property is located.  These zoning guidelines are set to assure proper growth and mix of uses on the land. This can be very subjective when it comes to opinions of land use as well as decisions made by commissions and councils, but we won't get into that.

In the Boise real estate market, you can search this web site and Idaho MLS for any active property for sale within the Intermountain MLS System. There are various ways to search for Idaho Real Estate on this site; From the home page on the far right column, you can select price ranges of homes in various cities, such as "Boise Homes $250,000 - $300,000". You can also select the "Featured Subdivision" button on the left column to search for homes for sale in any given subdivision, sorted alphabetically.  Furthermore, you can click on the "Idaho Schools" button to find homes for sale in any given school district or school zone.

Idaho Real Estate

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